Wholesale Dropshipper

Your Levels UK Limited drop shipping has been very successful in the industry for many years with its extensive bestseller assortment. Your Levels UK Limited is the provider of products for consumers in Europe who desire to enrich their love life which they both can enjoy. Our goal is to make these products readily available and have them delivered quickly so that no time has to go to waste enriching the passion in everyone’s love life.

Brands such as King Active, Queen Active, Level and many others. We hope to deliver a fantastic experience for everyone with our products and believe high quality plays a very important role. Through a continuous process of quality control we try to provide only the best of the best because that’s what our customers deserve!

How does our dropshipping service work?

Your Customer

Your client purchases on your ecommerce or emarketplace

Your eCommerce Store

You charge for the order, separate your profit and buy at wholesale price from us

King Active UK

We prepare your order and manage the delivery

Delivery to Buyer

The order is delivered to your client, with your name and company image as the sender

Benefits for wholesale dropshipping

  • Direct Delivery: King Active UK will deliver products straight to your customer, at no extra cost.
  • Visual material: King Active UK supplies high-quality photographic images of all products in the range. All images are available in different sizes, so there is plenty of choice.
  • Fast delivery: If you place an order with King Active UK before 4pm, it will be sent the same day, providing the relevant products are in stock.
  • No minimum order quantity.
  • Unique assortment for drop shipping accounts only.

Are you a business customer and interested in our products?

Then please fill out our application form by clicking the APLLY NOW button below. The Your Levels UK team is ready to answer your questions and of course to process your orders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who processes the shipment?

King Active UK is an integral dropshipping supplier because it manages, and saves your clients all of the costs of the logistics process:

  • We are a dropshipping provider with our own stock.
  • We manage the order and pick out the products.
  • We reinforce the package with packaging and neutral cardboard boxes without advertising.
  • We coordinate with the courier until delivery to the end customer
  • We provide online information in your account about the status of the customers’ order, tracking the shipment and providing a Tracking ID number.
  • We offer after sales support for any incident with delivery.
Can the recipient of a dropshipping delivery see the cost prices?

Never. The cost prices can only be seen in the order confirmation email and on invoices.

Will the recipient of a dropshipping delivery know that the sender is King Active UK?

Never. Our dropshipping service delivers with your Company name as the sender and on the delivery note we include your name and company image. We never include prices, or publicity, or King Active UK logos, ultimately the delivery is completely anonymous.

What forms of payment are accepted for dropshipping delivery?

For dropshipping orders we only accept automatic forms of payment such as PayPal and (Credit)Card. This way we ensure that the delivery will take place in the shortest time possible.